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Arms (crest) of Belorechensk

Country : Russia

Federal subject : Krasnodar Krai

District (rayon) : Belorechensky Municipal District

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Official blazon
Russian В серебряном поле широкая лазоревая перевязь, обремененная серебряным скачущим конем и сопровожденная по сторонам черными, с червленым верхом, кубанками.
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The arms were granted on May 29, 2007.

The blue bend symbolizes the Belaya River. The horse is a symbol of the Cossacks as the city was established by Cossacks in 1862. The horse also refers to the long history of the region, which was inhabited by Scythians, Sarmatians, Cumans, Tatars and others, but most of these peoples held horses in high esteem.

The two other figures are traditional Cossack caps.

Previously the city used different arms.

These arms date from the 1970s and show industrial symbols and in the base two Cossack swords and a cap. After 1990 the chief was replaced by the Russian flag.

Arms (crest) of Belorechensk

The arms from the 1970s
Arms (crest) of Belorechensk

The arms in the early 1990s

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