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Province : Liège
Incorporated into: 1977 Grâce-Hollogne

Armoiries de Bierset

Official blazon

Parti au premier burelé d'argent et d'azur de dix pièces qui est Bierset, au second de gueules à la croix d'argent qui est Ordre de Malte.


The arms were granted by royal decree on September 25, 1947.

The arms combine the arms of the Bierset family with the cross of the Order of Malta (Order of St. John, Knights Templar).

The Bierset family originated from the village and were one of the most influential families in the early medieval times. Their original arms showed shield barry of silver and blue. The estate of Bierset became through marriage a possession of the counts of Luxembourg, who combined their ancestral arms (a red lion) with the bars of Bierset, to create the present arms of Luxembourg. The cross is used as a symbol for the village of Villers-le-Temple, a longtime possession of the Knights Templar.

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