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Heraldic lions

This category includes coats of arms with lions, grouped in sub-categories as shown below. Images are included when there is a single or more lions in the shield of any colour combination.

Normal heraldic lions

This group includes:

Rampant langued.gif
Tongue different colour
Rampant armed.gif
Claws different colour

The categories below refer to the main colour of the lion, not whether the lion has tongue and nails of a different colour. The lion can be in the whole shield, half shield, quarter or any other part of the shield.

Other normal lions

Rampant guardant.gif
Any coloured lion facing the viewer
Rampant double queued.gif
Any coloured double tailed lion
Any coloured lion without tail
Any coloured lion with tail between legs
Any coloured lion without head
Double headed.gif
Any coloured lion with two heads
Rampant reguardant.gif
Any coloured lion looking backwards
Rampant turned sinister.gif
Any coloured single lion reversed
Two lions facing each other in a single field
Two lions not facing each other in a single field
Any lion with manes in a different colour
Any lion without tongue
Rampant demi.gif
Half normal lion
Guardant demi.gif
Half normal lion facing the viewer
Double tailed demi.gif
Half double tailed lion
Reversed demi.gif
Half normal lion reversed

Walking and standing lions

Any coloured walking lion
Passant guardant.gif
Any coloured walking lion facing the viewer
Passant reguardant.gif
Any coloured walking lion facing backwards
Passant sinister.gif
Any coloured walking lion reversed
Counter passant.gif
Two lions in a single field
Any coloured single standing lion
Statant guardant.gif
Any coloured single standing lion facing the viewer
Statant sinister.gif
Any coloured single standing lion reversed

Other lions

Parts of lions

Lions as supporter

Lions in crest

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