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Département : Jura

Blason de Châtenois (Jura)/Arms (crest) of Châtenois (Jura)
Official blazon
French Parti de deux, coupé ondé de un à trois ondes celle du milieu vers le chef, de gueules et d'argent, le gueules chargé aux 1er et 3e d'une colonne toscane d'or et au 5e de la croix calvaire du lieu du même, l'argent chargé d'une feuille de châtaignier de sinople, posée en pal au 2e, en bande au 4e et en barre au 6e.

Motto: Stant in adversis


The arms were officially adopted on March 3, 2022.

The red colour refers to the presence of iron ore and the production of (roof) tiles. The wavy division line symbolizes both the tiles, the Vaux stream and the silhouette of the feudal mound.

The chestnut leaves (châtaignier) are canting elements for the name of the town. The columns come from the coat of arms of Dr. Jean-François Xavier Girod, but also recall the rich Gallo-Roman past of the town.

The Calvary, made up of a slightly pattée cross and placed on a base made of an arkosic sandstone millstone, is specific to the villages of the Serre massif: Châtenois has two Calvaries of this type.

The ears of wheat and the vines indicate the agricultural character of the municipality.

The motto refers to the columns and means: "they stand straight in adversity". It recalls the courage of Doctor Girod and the inhabitants of the village during the hardships of past centuries (wars, destruction, epidemics, etc.). while constituting an echo of the motto of Franche-Comté: "Comtois surrender, nenni ma foi ".

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