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Heraldic literature

This page shows the sources used, or to be used, on the Portuguese part of the site Heraldry of the World. Not all the information from the literature mentioned below has been added to the site yet. If you require information from one of the sources below, please contact me.

I am always looking more more, local, literature, such as newspaper articles etc. If you want to donate these, please send them as pdf or contact me !

Posters, websites, mails/letters, stamps, postcards, maps and similar sources are not included. For an overview of heraldic picture albums, tobacco cards, trade cards, stamps etc, see here)

Books and references

  1. Guia do Autarca 1998-2000. Lisboa, 1998. Not really heraldic literature, but all municipal arms are shown in the book. ISSN 0770-7940.
  2. Pt-001.books.jpg Redescobrir o Brasão do Barreiro. Barreiro, 2002, 40 p. No ISBN.
  3. Pt-002.books.jpg Leal Diogo, J. : Inventário da heráldica concelha. Para a história de Vila Nova de Cerveira III. Câmara Municipal, 1961, 161 p. No ISBN.
  4. Pye, R.F. : Development of the arms of Portugal in fact and legend. Coat of Arms 38(1959)187-190.
  5. Pye, R. F. : Portugals våben. Fabler og fakta. Heraldisk Tidsskrift 4(1961)161-170 (In Swedish).
  6. Vilheno Barboza, I. de : As cidades e villas da Monarchia portugueza que teem brasão de armas. Typographia do Panorama, Lisboa. Volume I (1860, 207 p.), Volume II (1860, 202 p.), Volume III (1862, 278 p.). No ISBN.