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Province : Eastern Cape (until 1994 Cape Province)
Municipality : Blue Crane Route District Municipality : Sara Baartman District Municipality

Arms (crest) of Cookhouse

Official blazon

  • (af)

Wapen: Deursnede en geknobbel, silwer en rooi, in die 'n Karoogewelvormige geknobbelde blou skildhoof.
Helmteken: Tussen 'n paar rooi horings, 'n heraldiese fontein met 'n uitkomende blommende aalwyn van natuurlike kleur.
Wrong en Dekklede: Silwer en rooi.
Wapenspreuk: VIGILANS

  • (en)

Arms: Per fess nowy, Argent and Gules, in base a grate Argent enflamed Or; a chief nowy of a Karoo gable Azure.
Crest: Between a pair of horns Gules and aloe in flower proper issuant from a fountain.
Wreath and mantling: Argent and Gules.


The arms were officially granted on March 13, 1989.

Cookhouse in the eastern Cape is said to take its name from a small stone house used for shelter and cooking by troops camping on the banks of the adjacent Great Fish River when it formed the east­ern border of the Cape Colony. A fess with the lower edge nowy and the upper edge nowy of what is called a "karoo gable", together with the grate in base, thus allude to the origin of the name.

The fountain in the crest alludes to the waters of the Great Fish River, while the horns refer to the fact that most farming in the district is with sheep, goats, spring­bok and blesbok. Literature:

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