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Arms (crest) of Csanád Province
Official blazon
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The arms show St. Gellert (St. Gerhardus), the first bishop of the town with his insignia: The bishop insignium in the left hand, in the right a palm leaf (martyr symbol) and a spear. He was killed with this instrument at Gellert Hill in Buda )on September 24th, 1046, and pushed downhill into the River Danube (on the arms shown by the hill and the blue wave line next to the figure). St. Gellert is patrone of the teachers: He educated St. Emmerich /Imre, son of St. Stephan of Hungary, the country's first Christian king (Coronation about 1000 B.C.) and brother-in-law to St. Heinrich II., the Roman Emperor.

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