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DIOCESE OF NOVO MESTO (Dioecesis Novae Urbis)

Country : Slovenia
Denomination : Roman Catholic

Established : 2006

Arms (crest) of Diocese of Novo Mesto
Official blazon
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The diocesan coat-of-arms is divided in three fields. The lower one has a red background, which symbolises the many martyrs of the time during and after the Second World War in the Kočevska region. In the middle of the field stands a golden horse, which is a connection to the historical collegiate chapter of Novo Mesto, which preserves this symbol till its second provost Georg von Slatkonia, who became the bishop of Vienna in 1513 and the founder of the Wiener Sängerknaben choir. The golden horse in the Slovene language makes a connection with his surname, as Zlat-konj-a can be translated as Golden-horse.

Arms of Diocese of Novo Mesto

The chapter arms (19th century image)

The heraldic left field is green, which symbolises the natural wealth of the Dolenjska and Kočevska regions with its wide green fields and forests. In the middle of this section, there are three golden apples, which is the attribute of Saint Nicolas, patron of the cathedral of Novo mesto and at the same time a symbol of the Christian charity and the serving mission of the bishop.

The heraldic right field is white, which represents the Bela Krajina region (translated as White region for its white regional costume and the birch trees). The white colour is also a symbol of Mary, Mother of God. In this field, there is a blue bunch of grapes, which remembers of the wine growing region, which connects a great part of the diocese. The grapes are also a symbol of the Eucharist. In the Eucharist Jesus gives himself to us as the real food and beverage for the life of the world.

Arms of Diocese of Novo Mesto

The arms on the cathedral

Arms of Bishops

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