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State : Nuevo León

Arms (crest) of Doctor Arroyo
Official blazon
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The town is named after a doctor of education, not a medical doctor. This is interesting, when you consider that the town of Doctor Arroyo has the only hospital to serve a rather large area.
The dates on the bordure are the dates of the birth and death of the founder of the town, Doctor Arroyo. Valle de Purisima means Valley of Purity. This is indicative of the fact that Docotr Arroyo is located in a valley area of the mountain region of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range.The lion is taken from the arms of the province, Nueovo León. The church is the Catholic church in the centre of the town. The three plants in the lower left hand corner represent three common plants in the area; an agave for making tequila, a cactus for fruits and a "flora de palma". This is a large flower that grows on a Joshua tree, the flowers are also shown on the bordure. The fourth quarter shows a landscape with an agave.
The banner at the bottom 'En el campo este la vida' translates as "In the field is life."

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