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Arms (crest) of Eastbourne

Official blazon

Arms: Argent on a Fesse double cottised Gules a Rose Or between two Stags' Heads caboshed of the field.
Crest: On a Wreath of the Colours a Sea-Horse raising the dexter foot Vert.
Motto: 'MELIORA SEQUIMUR' - We follow the better things.


The arms were officially granted on January 11, 1928.

The two stags' heads were incorporated from the arms of the Dukes of Devonshire, principal landowners in Eastbourne, and the rose or and visor were incorporated from the arms of the Davies-Gilbert Family, also large landowners in Eastbourne.

The sea horse relates to the fact that Eastbourne is a coastal town, and the rest of the embellishments are just decoration.

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Literature: Information taken from www.eastbourne.org/council_services/councillors_committees/mayor_of_eastbourne

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