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Wappen von Eisenkappel-Vellach/Arms (crest) of Eisenkappel-Vellach

Country : Austria

State : Kärnten

District  : Völkermarkt Additions  :

  • 1939 Eisenkappel
  • 1939 Vellach
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Official blazon
German In einem schwarzen Schild schrägrechts ein silberner Fluss mit zwei natürlich gefärbten [aufwärts schwimmenden] Bachforellen.
English blazon wanted


The oldest arms were granted on January 28, 1493 by Emperor Friedrich III, and showed the same compposition, but without the fish. The present arms were officially granted on July 17, 1950.

The oldest seal, however, dating from 1514 shows the arms with the two fish. Detailed images in rolls of arms from the early 18th century show the fish as small river trout. Until 1918 the arms were crowned, but crowns were abolished in Austria in 1918.

Image gallery

Literature : Image provided by Karl Palfrader (k.palfrader@aon.at), background by Ferdinand Bevc