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Metropolitan County Borough

Additions : 1974 Blaydon UDC, Chester-le-Street RDC (partly), Felling UDC, Gateshead (Borough), Ryton UDC, Whickham UDC

Arms (crest) of Gateshead

Official blazon

Arms : Or a Chief Azure overall five Pallets counterchanged.
Crest : Issuant from a Mural Crown Azure a Circular Blade of a Plough proper dimidiating an Annulet embattled on the outer edge Or containing two Fusils conjoined palewise Sable; Mantled Azure doubled Or.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Horse Sable unguled and maned Or supporting a Length of Rail Argent and on the sinister side a Male Griffin Sable armed and membered Or holding in the sinister foreclaw a Thunderbolt Or.


The arms were officially granted on ?

The blue and gold pallets, form a pictograph of a gate (or portcullis), which when combined with helm (or head), represent the name Gateshead. The portcullis was a feature in the arms and crest of the former County Borough of Gateshead.

The mural crown, here coloured blue, is from the arms of the Durham County Council and represents the areas formerly in that county. The plough, half cog-wheel and black diamonds (coal mining) symbolise the amalgamation of the rural and urban elements in the new authority.

The length of rail is a reminder of the former importance of Gateshead as a railway centre.


Arms (crest) of Gateshead

Official blazon

Arms : Argent, issuant from water in base proper a tower sable between two crosses of St. Cuthbert azure.
Crest : On a wreath argent and azure, A goat's head erased argent, armed Or, gorged with a riband, suspended therefrom a portcullis sable.
Motto: 'Caput inter nubila condit'


The arms were officially granted on September 27, 1932.

Unfortunately we have no information on the meaning or origin of these arms yet.

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Arms (crest) of Gateshead

The arms as used on a JaJa postcard +/- 1905
Arms (crest) of Gateshead

The arms on a Wills's cigarette card, 1906

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