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Arms (crest) of Glanford Brigg

Country :

  • United Kingdom
    • England

Incorporated into:


  • Rural district council

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Official blazon
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Official blazon

Arms : Ermine between three Pallets wavy Azure two Croziers addorsed Or on a Chief Sable a representation of Brigg Bridge proper.
Crest : On a Wreath Argent and Azure issuant from Flames a Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn Bull's Head proper charged on the neck with three Links of Chain in fesse Argent.


The arms were officially granted on March 27, 1950.

The ermine background recalls Ermine Street, which runs through the District, and the blue waves are for the River Ancholme lying between the River Trent and the southward sweep of the River Humber, which formed the westward and eastward boundaries. The gold croziers are from the arms of Thornton Abbey, they also refer to the ancient See of Lindsey, whose bishop's were seated at Kirkton-in-Lindsey. The relative positions of the waves and the croziers correspond to the geographical situation, so that the shield forms a kind of heraldic map. The black 'chief' is from the arms of the Order of St. Augustine, or Black Canons, which was represented at Thornton Curtis.

The bull's head, represents the local strain of cattle, it rises from flames standing for ironstone mining. The links, play on the name of the County, and were the device of the old Lincolnshire Sugar Company, refering to the sugar-beet industry.

The motto "Always Ready" is an English translation of the Neithorpe family motto "Tout Joirs Prest".

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