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Département : Aisne
Additions: 1859 Hartennes, Taux

Blason de Hartennes-et-Taux/Arms (crest) of Hartennes-et-Taux
Official blazon
French Écartelé en sautoir: au 1er d'azur à deux annelets rangés et enlacés en fasce d'or, au 2e de gueules à la fontaine constituée d'une auge, d'une colonne centrale et à deux jets jaillissant, le tout d’argent, au 3e de gueules à la cloche d’argent, au 4e de sinople à la gerbe de blé d’or, liée de gueules.
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The arms were officially adopted on July 21, 2022.

The two rings symbolise the merger of the two villages in 1859. The fountain is based on the local fountain in Hartenens, which was built in or before 1906. The local fountain, however, only has one jet of water.

The bell is known as the 'Florimonde' bell and is part of the chapel of St. Remigius in Taux. It was offered by Nicolas Quinquet, canon priest of Soissons, advisor to the King, and Florimonde Charmolue, wife of Charles Bertrand, bailiff of the Count of Soissons, to the chapel in 1643. Taken to Germany during the First World War, it was found intact after the conflict near Mainz. Unfortunately, Florimonde was stolen a few years ago.

The base shows the agricultural character of the municipality.

Literature: Image from http://www.armorialdefrance.fr

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