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Coat of arms (crest) of Helland Family Association Inc.

Official blazon

Arms : Per fess Gules and Or, a wheat plant slipped eradicated between two flaunches all counterchanged
Crest : Issuant from a coronet Or, the upper rim set with mullets Argent and maple leaves Or, two hammers in saltire Argent hafted Gules and an axe palewise Or
Supporters : Two white-tailed deer Or each gorged of a collar of mullets Argent and maple leaves Or pendent therefrom a torteau charged with an open book Argent and standing on a mound of prairie grass set with wild roses and western red lilies proper


The arms were officially granted on May 15, 2006.

The central image of the wheat represents the prairie home of the Helland family, who settled in North Dakota and then in Saskatchewan after emigrating from Norway. By showing the roots of the plant, which allude to the importance of heritage and also resemble a family pedigree, the role of the Association in researching the family’s genealogy is emphasized. The “flaunches” on either side create a stylized “H” with the horizontal division; they can also symbolize the “New World” and the “Old World” and thus to the emigration of Kristoffer Oleson Helland from Norway. Red and gold are the colours of the municipality of Vestnes in Norway, in which the village of Helland is located.

The stars and maple leaves in the coronet indicate that the descendants of Kristoffer Oleson Helland are found in the United States and in Canada. The gold axe is taken from the national arms of Norway. The hammers allude to the original family name, Salthammar, taken from the name of a village near Helland.

The white-tailed deer is a prairie animal very common in the western Canadian provinces, and it serves as one of the supporters of the arms of Saskatchewan. These deer are found throughout the west part of the United States and are also the official animals of many American states. The wild rose is the floral symbol of Alberta, where many Hellands live, and is closely related to the floral symbol of North Dakota. The western red lily is the floral emblem of Saskatchewan, and is also found extensively in North Dakota.

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