Kavkazsky Rayon

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Arms (crest) of Kavkazsky Rayon

Country : Russia

Federal subject : Krasnodar Krai

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Official blazon
Russian В лазоревом поле над тремя зелёными холмами, из которых средний обременён двумя серебряными шашками накрест и поверх них перначом того же металла - скачущий серебряный олень с золотыми рогами и копытами, пронзённый косвенно сверху слева золотой стрелой с процветшей лилией вместо оперения
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The arms were granted on January 27, 2006.

A special role in the formation and development of the Caucasian land was played by the Cossacks. In memory of this, the arms contain an image of a deer pierced by an arrow - the historical symbol of the Don Cossacks, as well as crossed weapons, symbolizing the creation in 1732 of the Caucasian Line Regiment, which since 1760 became part of the Kuban army.

The three hills at the base of the arms symbolize the centuries-old history of the region - there are 164 archaeological sites belonging to different cultures and eras in the district.

Literature: Image from http://www.heraldicum.ru

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