Kawa Hag Herbarz Polski

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Kawa Hag : Herbarz Polski


Album information :

  • Issued by : Kawa Hag, Warszawa
  • Date of issue : 1932
  • Number of stamps/cards : 284
  • Image variants : No different images, but 4 extra stamps with advertising


For information on the company, see the overview of Coffee Hag albums.


The album was issued in 1932 by Kawa Hag, Warszawa and its author was Dr. Marian Gumowski. Dr. Gumowski (1881-1974) was a historian from Torun, a well-known heraldicist. The front cover is drawn by Van der Laars, who also designed the Dutch and Belgian albums. Although he is mentioned as the designer of the Polish arms in a letter, the style of the Polish arms is rather different from the Dutch or Belgian ones.

The album is mentioned as part one (Zeszyt I). More issues were planned with personal arms, but never published. Part one contains 284 arms of towns, (historical) districts, dioceses etc. No personal arms were included, see index below for the list of towns and regions.

The arms were supplied in 8 sheets of 36 stamps each. Four of these stamps were used for advertising.

The back of the stamps contained no texts.

An album sheet:



The images are shown in the sequence as in the album.