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Province : Liège
Additions: 1977 Hergenrath, Neu-Moresnet

Armoiries de Kelmis

Official blazon

Unter schwarzem Schildhaupt, darin schräggekreuzt ein silberner Schlágel und ein silberner Hammer, bewinkelt von drei goldenen Sternen, in gespaltenem Feld vorn in blau ein aufgerichteter silberner, goldbewehrter Löwe, hinten in silber ein auffliegender goldbewehreter schwarzer Adler.


The arms were officially granted on April 29, 1996.

Theupper half refers to the historical zinc mining in the area, whch was one of the richest mines for zinc in Europe. In the 19th century a large mining company was formed, which use dthe miner's tools and three stars as its emblem. This is taken in the chief of the arms of Kelmis.

The base shows a lion and an eagle and refers to the special status of the Moresnet region, now part of the municipality. Moresnet was an independent state, governed as a Condominium between the Netherlands and Prussia, and later de facto between Belgium and Prussia (Belgium took over in 1830, but the Netherlands never officially ceded the sovereignity). It existed from 1816-1920.
The lion represents both the Dutch and the Belgian lion, the eagle is the Prussian eagle.

Siegel von Kelmis

The seal of Neutral Moresnet +/- 1895

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