Korenovsky Rayon

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Arms (crest) of Korenovsky Rayon

Country : Russia

Federal subject : Krasnodar Krai

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Official blazon
Russian В пурпурном поле жар-птица с воздетыми и простертыми влево крыльями над двумя шашками в ножнах (положенных рукоятями вверх и кольцами на ножнах книзу), переплетенных накрест с прямым сигнальным рожком и таковой же шашкой; все фигуры золотые.
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The arms were granted on August 26, 2005.

According to legend, the village of Korenovskaya, the center of the district, was founded by settlers from the village of Korenevka, Kursk province. Residents of the burnt village of Korenevka, went to the Kuban and found similar land by founding a new settlement. The firebird is the main figure of the coat of arms. Together with the magenta coat of arms associated with the flame, it allegorically symbolizes the phoenix bird and is a symbol of rebirth. The sabres and a signal horn are symbols of military service and attributes of the Cossacks.

Purple is the defining color of Zaporizhzhya and Kuban Cossacks.

Literature: Images from http://www.heraldicum.ru

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