Krylovsky Rayon

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KRYLOVSKY RAYON (Крыловский район)

Federal subject : Krasnodar Krai

Arms of/Герб Krylovsky Rayon

Official blazon

В лазоревом поле над зеленой, окаймленной золотом оконечностью серебряный лет, сопровождаемый сверху двумя золотыми, выгнутыми вправо, колосьями, составляющими литеру «Е», между шестью восьмиконечными серебряными звездами, положенными в косвенные перевязи.


The arms were granted on December 12, 2006.

The regional center, the settlement of Krylovskaya was founded, in the spring of 1794. It received its name in honor of Empress Catherine II, who granted the Black Sea army land on the right bank of the Kuban. In 1842, the settlement became a village, and on August 11, 1961 it was renamed Krylovskaya.

The main figure of the coat of arms is a composition of two golden, curved to the right, ears of wheat composing the letter “E”, the symbol of the Empress (in Russian the name starts with an E). The wheat and green field in base symbolise the agricultural character of the region. The golden bar also refer to the wheat fields.

The blue field symbolizes the clear sky of the area, and in combination with wings and stars shows a person’s desire for flight for the stars. It was in this area that one of the pioneers of rocket technology, cosmonautics theorist Yuri Kondratyuk lived and worked in the village of Oktyabrskaya in the mid-1930s, and now his memorial museum is located there.

The six eight-pointed silver stars show the number of rural settlements in the area.

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