Le Tartre-Gaudran

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Département : Yvelines

Blason de Le Tartre-Gaudran/Coat of arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME
Official blazon
French De gueules au sabot d'argent voguant sur une mer fascée ondée d'azur et d'argent de six pièces; au chef cousu d'azur chargé de trois fleurs de lis d'argent, le dit sabot mâté et voilé d'argent brochant sur le chef.
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The arms were adopted in 1993.

The arms are inspired by those of the city of Paris, but the ship was replaced by a floating wooden shoe. The town has adopted the motto Nec item mergitur "It does not flow", which is another reference to Paris, whose motto is fluctuat nec mergitur "It floats but does not sink". It is a way for the least populated municipality of Île-de-France to compare itself with the largest city in France, with a nod as to the agricultural status of the town.

Literature: Image from http://www.armorialdefrance.fr

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