Levice (Slovakia)

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Province : Nitra
District (okres) : Levice

Levice (Slovakia) (Erb, znak)

Official blazon

  • (sk) V modrom štíte zlatý, zlato korunovaný lev v striebornej zbroji a s roztrojeným chvostom, v pravej prednej labe s červenou zlatostredou a zelenokališnou ružou na zelenej dvojlistej stopke, z pravého spodného okraja štítu vyrastajúce tri zelené rastliny.


The arms were officially registered on May 5, 1992.

The composition of the lion holding a rose is already known form the oldest seal of the city, dating from 1604. The lion is a canting element (lev=lion). The meaning of the rose or the small leaves is not known. The arms thus basically have not changed.

The only other variant is in the archives in Budapest, where the lion is holding a mace instead of a rose. This, however, probably is a misinterpretation of the original seal.

The city currently uses the arms with a bicoloured bordure, based on the colours of the flag. These arms are not officially registered in the official Heraldic register of the Slovak Republic.

Levice (Slovakia) (Erb, znak)

Literature: Kartous and Vrteľ, 2000

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