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Incorporated into : 1965 Waltham Forest

Arms (crest) of Leyton

Official blazon

Arms : Or three Chevronels Gules on a Chief Gules a Lion passant Or.
Crest : On a Wreath Or and Gules a Lion rampant per pale Or and Sable supporting a Crozier Gold.
Motto: 'MINISTANDO DIGNITAS' - Dignity in service


The arms were officially granted on October 27, 1926.

Leyton consisted of the manors of Marks, Ruckholt and Leyton and the arms are derived from the heraldry of the various holders of these. The Manor of Marks belonged until 1545 to the Priory of St. Helens, it was then granted to Paul Withipole and his son, whose family is recalled by the lion passant from their arms. The Church of Leyton was given by Gilbert Montfitchet to the Abbey and Convent of Stratford in 1134. The gift was confirmed by the Charter of Henry II in 1182, and later in 1200 the Manor of Leyton was also given to the Abbey. The Abbey of Stratford was founded in William Montfitchet in 1134 and the chevronels are from his family's arms. The Manor of Ruckholt was held until his death in 1417 by Sir Adam Frauncey, from whose arms comes the gold and black lion. The crozier is another reference to the Abbey of Stratford.

Although the object in the crest is blazoned as a crozier it is usually depicted as a cross-staff, such as borne before an archbishop.

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