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Blason de Lot/Arms (crest) of Lot
Official blazon
French De gueules au pont de six arches d'argent, maçonné de sable, posé sur une mer d'azur, sommé de cinq tourelles d'argent, maçonnées de sable, ouvertes et ajourées du champ et surmontées de cinq fleurs de lis d'or.
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The bridge refers to the Pont de Valentre (Valentre bridge) in Cahors, the capital of the département. The old city was built in a loop of the Lot river. The water is the Lot river which was very important for merchandise in the old days.

The bridge has six arches but only three of the original 5 towers are left. Legend says that when the architect of the bridge built the bridge, he made a pact with the devil(he sold his soul!!!) to be sure that the work could be finished without any problems and that he would be paid well at the end. When the construction was almost over he tried to get out of his pact. He made the devil get water for the workers in a bucket full of holes. The devil got mad and every night he threw the last brick in the water that was put on the bridge by the workers. In 1879 the bridge was restored and a little devil was put on the main gate of the bridge.

Literature: Image taken from La banque du blason (with permission)

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