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Region : Comunidad de Madrid

Escudo de Madrid/Arms (crest) of Madrid
Official blazon
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Madrid was a Moorish fortress, which was taken by Alfonso VI of Castille in 1083. It was made the capital of Spain by Philips II in 1561. The arms date from the 13th century and seem to symbolise some dispute over farming rights between the clergy and the civilians of the city. During the 19th and 20th century a sometimes a dragon and a wreath were added (see below).

Escudo de Madrid/Arms (crest) of Madrid

The dragon was seen on the top of "Puerta Cerrada" (The western Gate of the town) during the Middle ages until the XVII century. Nobody knows the meaning of it. The wreath symbolises a medal given to the people of Madrid by the Spainsh Congress in 1813 because of the people's revolution against the French troops during the invasion by Napoleon. The oldest arms of Madrid, known from 1212 show a walking bear, with some stars on its back. In 1222 two different arms were used, one quartered with the old bear and two towers, as well as the present arms.

Escudo de Madrid/Arms (crest) of Madrid

The arms from 1212
Escudo de Madrid/Arms (crest) of Madrid

The arms from 1222

Later the arms remained unchanged until the 19th century as mentioned above. However, on an image from 1544, the crown appeared in the shield instead of above.

Escudo de Madrid/Arms (crest) of Madrid

The arms from 1544

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