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National Coat of arms of Ivory Coast

Coat of arms (crest) of National Arms of Ivory Coast
Official blazon

Blason de sinople à la tête d’éléphant, l’écu surmonté d’un soleil issant éclipsé d’or rayonnant de neuf pièces or. À dextre et à senestre deux arbres or et l’inscription argent « République de Côte d'Ivoire » sur listel or.


Ever since the independence in 1960 the country uses an elephant's head as national arms. The first arms showed a blue shield with a silver elephant. The shield surrounded by national flags, and on top of the shield a rising sun. Beside the shield two stylised trees. In 1964 the arms were removed and the trees replaced by palms. Also, the colour of the field changed from blue to green. In 1997 the colours were changed again (to a golden elephant), but the basic composition remained the same.


The arms from 1960-64

The arms from 1964-97

Use of the arms


The arms on a coin from 2010

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