National Arms of Senegal

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National arms of Senegal
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The arms were adopted in 1965.

The arms show a lion and a baobab tree with a wavy bar. The arms are surrounded by a laurel wreath and the National Order of the Lion (Ordre National du Lion). The motto is Un Peuple – Un But – Une Foi (One People - One Goal - One Faith).

The lion represents the Northern part of the country and is a symbol of strength and power. The lion was also used by the traditional rulers in the area as their symbol. The baobab tree is a common tree in the country and often the center of a village. The baobab is also an important food tree (fruits). The wavy bar is the Senegal river.

The green star is a common element in Africa and represents hope, as does the green colour.

The first arms were used by the Autonomous Republic of Senegal 1958-60, see image below.

National arms of Senegal

From 1960-1965 the country used the arms shown below:

National arms of Senegal

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