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Coat of arms (crest) of National Arms of the Dominican Republic
Official blazon
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The arms above have been in use since 1919.

The first national symbol for the new republic was designed in 1844. The logo showed three flags, a bible, a Phrygian hat (symbol of freedom), some spears and other weapons and two laurel branches.(see below). Three different designs were used, one with only the name Republica Dominicana, one with the motto Dios Patria Libertad and one with both mottos.


One of the proposals from 1844

In 1848 the flags, bible and other symbols were placed in a shield, quartered of red and blue. Above the shield was a ribbon with the name of the country, below the motto. The shield was surrounded by a coffee and palm leaf. In 1853 the ribbon with the name was removed again, but restored in 1857.


The arms of 1848

In 1866 the arms were changed again. Now the shield was identical to the flag, i.e. a silver cross was added. The motto was moved to above the shield. Two laurel branches were added on the shield as well. In 1867 the motto was placed below the shield again, and the name of the country was added on top. In 1870 the branches on the shield were removed again. In 1875 the small Phrygian hat was removed.


The arms of 1866

The arms of 1870

In 1886 the white cross was again removed from the shield itself. Between 1886 and 1913 several different versions were used, with or without the main silver cross and the mottos. The present arms as shown on top of the page are in use since 1913.


The arms of 1886

The arms of 1909
Arms of Hispanolia

The arms of Hispanolia in a manuscript from 1767

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