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Province : Mayabeque
Municipality : San Jose de Las Lajas

Coat of arms (crest) of Nazareno

Official blazon

En campo de plata un machete mambí y un sable español de gules y en aspa o sotuer; cortado de sinople, con un muro de oro, en cuyo centro hay un pequeño arco semicircular.


The chief shows two swords as a symbol of the Battle of Nazareno on March 2, 1896 where General Antonio Maceo agdefeated the Spanish.

The lower half shows the local water mill tank, built in 1862. The water mill was of great local importance and led to the foundation of the villages of Cuatro Caminos and Jamaica.

The silver colour refers to wealth and milk, as the area is a rich dairy farming community. The green refers to the former sugar cane fields.

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