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Coat of arms (crest) of Ontario Provincial Police

Official blazon

Arms: Or a bear rampant Azure bearing in its dexter paw a sprig of three maple leaves Or fimbriated Azure.
Crest: Issuant from a coronet Vallary Azure an osprey Argent wings elevated and addorsed Azure.
Supporters: On a grassy mound Vert set with trillium flowers Argent seeded Or leaved Vert rising above barry wavy Argent and Azure dexter a lion Azure semé of Ermine spots Or langued Gules armed Or sinister a stag Azure semé of Ermine spots Or langued Gules attired and unguled Or each gorged with a collar of trilliums Argent seeded Or leaved Vert pendant therefrom a bezant bearing a representation of the Royal Crown proper.


The arms were officially granted on April 22, 1998.

The bear symbolizes the Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP) spirit and determination and is also the crest of the province of Ontario. The sprig of maple leaves is taken from the arms of Ontario and represents the OPP’s service to the citizens of the province.

The coronet vallary suggests protection and preparedness. The osprey, renowned for its acuity of sight, symbolizes the force’s role in keeping watch over Ontarians.

The lion alludes to strength of purpose. It is made distinctive with the ermine spots which refer to the fauna of Northern Ontario. The collar of trilliums, the provincial flower, is another reference to Ontario. The pendants featuring the Royal Crown are a reminder that the role of the force is the maintenance of the Crown’s peace. The stag represents strength and courage.

The motto SERVITUTE CLARIORES means “More illustrious through serving”, but is commonly translated in English “They are made more illustrious through service.”

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