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State : Nuevo León

Coat of arms (crest) of Parás
Official blazon
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The first quarter shows the Piedras Pintas, the most important archelogical site of the municipality and a native cultivating the land representing the people's hard work.

The second quarter shows the arms of the Kingdom of León, representing of the State of Nuevo Leon.

The third quarter shows the symbols of culture, religion and good goverment, the facade of the municipal presidency and in the inferior part a representation of the church of the Sacred Heart.

The fourth quarter shows an Anacahuita tree, a white-tailed deer and a wild boar, abundant flora and fauna of the region.

In the middle there's an image of José María Parás, the first constitutional governor of the State of Nuevo Leon from whom the municipality gets its name.

The blue bordure contains the name of the Ranch where the town was established "Rancho Huizachal de los Canales" and in the bottow the date of foundation, 1851. The two bees in the top represent the people's industriousness,

Finally, there is a ribbon on the bottom of the shield the name of the municipality and the motto "Siempre Progresista" that means Always Progressive.

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