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Coat of arms (crest) of São Paulo (state)
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The arms were granted on August 29, 1932 and reconfirmed on September 3, 1948.

The sword in the arms is the symbol of St. Paul, the patron saint of the State. The sword is also a symbol for the law and to preserve the constitution and the country.

The branches around the sword are an oak and a laurel branch, symbols of valour and glory. The letters S and P are the State's initials. The shield is surmounted by a five pointed star, taken from the National Flag, where the States are represented by stars. The star in the arms is the Alpha star of the Southern Cross.

Surrounding the shield are two branches of coffee tree, showing the importance of the coffee culture for the economic development of the State.

The motto "Pro Brasilia Fiant Eximia" means "Let us do the best for Brazil."

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