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Coat of arms (crest) of Saskatchewan Genealogical Society

Official blazon

Arms : Per pale Vert and Or an oak tree eradicated counterchanged
Crest : A white crane in its vigilance proper grasping an acorn Or and issuant from a circlet of western red lilies slipped and leaved proper
Supporters : Two prairie dogs each standing on the rim of a burrow proper


The arms were officially granted on April 15, 2020.

The tree with its roots visible is an emblem of genealogy. The many leaves of the tree allude to the diversity of the Society’s members and their origins. Green and gold are the colours of the province of Saskatchewan, where the Society operates, and represent northern forests and southern grain fields. The gold also symbolizes the generosity of the Society’s members in volunteering their valuable time and talents to further the goals of the Society.

The crane recalls the source of the word pedigree, derived from pié de grue, a French phrase meaning “foot of a crane,” a way of describing the lines on a genealogical chart. Its stance, described as “in vigilance,” represents the watchfulness required to research records and produce a pedigree. The acorn symbolizes the potential of growth of both families and family trees. The western red lily is the flower emblem of Saskatchewan.

The Prairie dogs, highly social animals living in a family, allude to the goals of the Society of studying family structures.

The motto evokes the interest by members in their ancestors and their descendants.

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