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Blason de Taisnières-en-Thiérache/Arms (crest) of Taisnières-en-Thiérache

Country : France

Département : Nord
Official blazon

Taillé: au 1er de sinople à la crosse d'or et à la cloche du même brochant sur le fût de la crosse, au 2e d'azur à deux roues de moulin d'or rangées en barre; à la barre ondée d'argent, brochant sur la partition et chargée des lettres P, D et V de gueules, posées à plomb.

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The arms were adopted in November 2009.

The wavy bend symbolises the local river. The crosier is taken from the old arms (see below).

The bell of Taisnières is part of the past and future life of the village. According to the local chronicles a rich man lost in a nearby wood was saved by the sound of the bell. In gratitude, he donated a large sum of money to the bell tower of Taisnières-en-Thiérache, the revenue of the money was supposed to pay the wages of the person in charge of ringing the bell. The fund still exists.

The water mill wheels refer to the old pre-revolution mill, owned by the abbey of Maroilles. Originally of wood, the mill house was rebuilt in stone in 1772. The mill had two wheels each operating a grinder, a third wheel was added around 1885.

The letters VDP stand for Village Des Plaideurs, or Village of Litigants. The village hasd received certain rights and freedom from the Abbey of Maroilles, to which the area belonged,. During the centuries, however the monks did not keep to the rights. The villagers thus mounted a number of lawsuits to the abbey. In 1766 the abbott had rebuilt the roof of the choir of the local church, and added a red tile with the letters VDP.

Until 2009 the village used the arms of the Maroilles Abbey:

Blason de Taisnières-en-Thiérache

As more villages in the area used the same arms (see also Marbaix), the council decided to create new arms in 2008.

During a local contest several proposals were made:

Blason de Taisnières-en-Thiérache

None of these were considered suitable and based on the leements in these proposals, a design was made:

Blason de Taisnières-en-Thiérache

This design was not conform heraldic rules and was rejected. Finally the current design was made and adopted.

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