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Département : Meuse

Blason de Thillot
Official blazon
French Coupé: au 1er de gueules à la couronne antique d'or surmontant un lion couché et endormi d'argent, au 2e d'or, à la quintefeuille d'azur, au bouton pentagonal du champ entouré de dix triangles d'argent à dextre, et à la grappe de raisin de pourpre, tigée et feuillée de sinople à senestre.
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The arms were officially adopted on April 7, 2021.

The flax flower indicates that flax was once an important crop of Thillot as evidenced by the hamlet Lignière (lin =flax).

The ancient crown refers to Saint Abdon to whom the church of Thillot is dedicated. Saint Abdon and his brother Sennen were two Persian princes. They were taken prisoners to Rome following the occupation of Persia by the Romans. They refused to deny their faith in Jesus and, according to legend, they were delivered to the beasts but the animals respected them (represented by the sleeping lion). They suffered then, around 253, martyrdom by the sword, symbolized by the field of gules.

The bunch of grapes is a reminder of the importance of viticulture in the past.

The branches of plums symbolise the orchards in the municipality.

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