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Region : Galicia
Province : Ourense

Escudo de Toén/Arms (crest) of Toén
Official blazon
Spanish *(es) En campo de sinople, un racimo de vid, de oro, hojado del mismo color y en punta, ondas de plata y azur; jefe encajado de plata, de ocho puntas altas, con una pluma de escribir de azur puesta en barra. Al timbre, corona real cerrada.
  • (gl) En campo de sinople un acio de vide de ouro con follas de ouro e en punta ondas de prata e azul; en xefe encaixado de prata, de oito puntas altas, cunha pluma de escribir de azul posta en barra. Ao timbre, coroa real pechada.
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The arms were officially granted on July 7, 2011.

The writing feather pen represents the set of arts in the municipality, in particular painting such as that existing in the presbytery of Santa María de Mugares; and in the field of letters, they allude to the contribution to the Galician language of the illustrious son of the municipality Juan Antonio Saco y Arce, for his literary contribution and his work Galician Grammar of 1868.

The green color and the bunch of grapes represent, in addition to the viticultural wealth, the agricultural activity and the rural character of the municipality; the waves allude to the river Miño; and the set of eight points symbolizes the mountains and parishes of the municipal term.

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