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Blason de Trémont-sur-Saulx/Arms (crest) of Trémont-sur-Saulx

Country : France

Département : Meuse
Official blazon
French De gueules à la trangle vivrée de trois pièces en chevron haussée d'or soutenue d'une coquille du même; à la plaine ondée d'argent; au chef d'azur à la croix d'argent.
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The division line resembles three hills, trois-monts and is thus canting for Trémont. The silver base refers to the Saulx river.

The blue field and the silver cross are elements of the coat of arms of the Diocese of Châlons and thus symbolise St Memmie, the patron saint of the parish, 1st bishop of Châlons in Champagne, in the 3rd century.

The three chevrons and the shells recall the arms of the Beurges family, formerly lords of the place and of Rénesson a former fortress. The shell also points out that Trémont sur Saulx is located on the GR 14 walking path which leads to Santiago de Compostela.

The branches are those of the beeches of the surrounding woods.

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