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Blason de Troyes/Arms (crest) of Troyes

Country : France

Département : Aube
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Official blazon
French D'azur à la bande d'argent côtoyée de deux doubles cotices potencées et contre-potencées d'or; au chef d'azur chargé de trois fleurs de lis d'or.
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Troyes is considered as the capital of the Champagne Region. The arms thus show the bend of the Champagne, with a chief of France. The chief was added when the County of the Champagne became a possession of the French Kings. But when the chief actually was granted is not clear, most likely in the 15th or late 14th century.

During the Napoleonic era the city used a chief with three bees instead of the three fleur-de-lis. In 1825 the old arms were restored.

The crown and the mural crown and the branches (olive and oak) were added during the reign of Napoleon, as was common practice for First Rank cities. In 1825 the crown remained, but the branches were replaced by laurel and palm branches. These are still used.

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Literature: Bernard, G. and Louis, R. : Armorial des communes du département de l'Aube. Tome 1: Chef-lieux de canton. La Renaissance, Troyes, 1959, 72p.

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