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Arms of Union Club of British Columbia

Official blazon

Arms : Azure the keystone of the facade of the Union Club of British Columbia Argent environed by maple leaves Or, on a chief Argent three bars wavy Azure overall a sun in splendour issuant Or
Crest : Issuant from a coronet of maple leaves Or and dogwood flowers, the rim jewelled proper, a lion’s gamb Or grasping a sword in its scabbard Azure garnished Or
Supporters :Dexter a wapiti, sinister a cougar each gorged of a collar of laurel leaves and standing on a rocky mount set with Douglas fir branches proper and a bar wavy Argent charged with a barrulet wavy Azure
Motto: IN UNITATE ET FORTITUDINE AMICITIA ("Friendship in unity and strength")


Arms :

The keystone is an architectural feature found at the apex of the arches above the club’s main entrance and its flanking windows. As its purpose is to hold a structure together, it represents unity, and thus the club’s name. The maple leaves are a symbol of Canada. The U shape of the wreath alludes to the word “union”. The sun and waves are derived from the arms of British Columbia and commemorate the early history of the club when the province used a coat of arms with these elements at the top of the shield.
Crest : The lion’s arm alludes to the lion crest of the armorial bearings of British Columbia. The sword represents Excalibur, a symbol of office for the president of the club. The coronet of maple leaves and dogwood flowers – the provincial floral emblem of British Columbia – symbolize the 1871 union of the Crown Colony of British Columbia with the Dominion of Canada, the political goal shared by the founders of the Union Club of British Columbia. The coronet also refers to the fact that all Lieutenant Governors of British Columbia have been members of the club.
Supporters: The wapiti and cougar are notable British Columbia animals, the wapiti being a supporter of the provincial arms. The rocky base refers to nearby mountains, and the Douglas fir branches refer to the local forests. The waves allude to the club’s location close to Victoria harbour.
The arms was granted on April 15, 2016.

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