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Blason de Vendée/Arms (crest) of Vendée
Official blazon
French D’argent au cœur double, vidé, en travaillé, couronné et croiseté de gueules ; à la bordure componée d’azur et de gueules, les compons d’azur chargé d’une fleur de lis d’or, ceux de gueules d’un château d’or.
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The arms are quite recent. The double heart was granted to the département sometimes during the Vichy Regime (between 1940 and 1944). It refers to the Sacré coeur used as an emblem during the French revolution (1793-1796). The bordure is of France (Azure a fleur-de-lis Gold) and of Poitou (Gules a Castle Gold) as the Département de la Vendée was part of the former province of Poitou. The arms was officially adopted in 1944.

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