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State : Nuevo León

Coat of arms (crest) of Villaldama

Official blazon


The lion pictured on the coat of arms represents the "Nuevo Reyno De León" as it was called before the state was named Nuevo León and is taken from the arms of the Kingdom of León, in Spain. The bottom left picture of the river is actually a river that runs through the town of Villaldama. The river used to represent the main source of water for the town, as it is located in the middle of the desert. The bottom right picture on the coat of arms is "La Presidencia" or the town hall. The top left picture is the first building that was erected when the town was founded. The coal miner's hat, shovel, and axe represent the mining that was once the main industry of Villaldama. Gold and silver were mined outside of town and were shipped via the railroad that runs the "la estacion" or the station of the town.

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Literature : Picture send by the Nueva León provincial government (; background by J.R. Tovar, USA.