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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Zollernalbkreis (until 1972 Balingen)
Incorporated into : 1971 Geislingen

Wappen von Binsdorf/Arms (crest) of Binsdorf
Official blazon
German In von Silber und Rot geteiltem Schild oben der stehende, geflügelte rote Markuslöwe, mit den Vorderpranken ein aufgeschlagenes silbernes Buch mit rotem Schnitt haltend.
English blazon wanted


Binsdorf was founded as a city by the Counts of Hohenzollern, and the oldest seal, dating from 1378, thus shows the quartered arms of the Hohenzollern family. In the late 14th century the city was a possession of the Counts of Hohenberg and the seals showed the divided (silver and red) shield of the Hohenberg family. In 1454 the city became part of Austria, but the Austrian arms do not appear in the local seals before the 18th century. The silver and red shield, however remained the arms of the city. In the early 19th century a deer antler, derived from the arms of Württemberg was added in the upper half.

In 1959 the antler was replaced by the winged lion, symbol of St. Mark, the local patron saint.

Wappen von Binsdorf/Coat of arms (crest) of Binsdorf

The arms on an 1877 poster
Wappen von Binsdorf/Coat of arms (crest) of Binsdorf

The arms shown in an album from 1952

Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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