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National symbols

National arms of Germany

The National arms of Germany
National flag of Germany

The National flag of Germany

Administrative division

Germany is divided in States (Länder). These states are subdivided in Landkreise or Rural districts, which are made up of municipalities (Gemeinden) and Kreisfreie Städte, or free urban districts.

In some states municipalities are combined into Ämter and Verbandsgemeinden (larger bodies, but the individual municipalities still exist).

All States, disctricts and the majority of the municipalities use arms.

Coats of arms of present States (Wappen der Bundesländer)

Coats of arms of former German States, Principalities, Kingdoms etc

Independent cities are listed under cities, independent dioceses, abbeys etc are listed under Ecclesiastical heraldry of Germany.

Coats of arms of districts, cities and municipalities

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Other civic heraldry

Other heraldry

Heraldic collector's items

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