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State : Bayern
District (Kreis) : Coburg (until 1973 Staffelstein)
Additions : 1975 Oberelldorf; 1977 Gleismuthhausen, Lechenroth; 1978 Autenhausen, Dietersdorf, Gemünda in Oberfranken, Hattersdorf, Heilgersdorf, Merlach, Rothenberg, Unterelldorf

Wappen von Sesslach/Arms (crest) of Sesslach
Official blazon
German In Rot der silbern gekleidete, bärtige heilige Johannes der Täufer, der auf einer silbernen Truhenbank sitzt und mit beiden Händen eine goldene Scheibe mit dem silbernen Gotteslamm emporhält.
English blazon wanted


Sesslach received city rights in 1335, but the city already had a seal around 1280. The seal already showed the image of the patron saint St. John Baptist, holding a plate with the Paschal Lamb (Agnus Dei). The composition of the seal was placed in a shield and granted as arms on October 16, 1959. As no colours were known the silver and red of the State of Würzburg were chosen, as the town historically belonged to Würzburg (until 1803).

All other seals show St. John, but in rather different compositions, see the image below as shown by Hupp in the 1920s.

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