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Wapen van Bree/Arms (crest) of Bree
The arms from 1902
Wapen van Bree/Arms (crest) of Bree
The arms from 1925/1985

Country : Belgium

Province :


  • 1964 Beek
  • 1964 Gerdingen
  • 1977 Opitter
    • 1970 Tongerlo

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Official blazon
  • (1902) Gedeeld, het 1e met dwarsstrepen van goud en van keel van tien stukken; het 2e van keel met twee palen van zilver.
  • (1925) Gedeeld: I gedwarsbalkt van tien stukken, goud en keel; II in sabel twee palen van goud. Het schild getopt met een Sint-Michiel, den draak nedervellend, het alles van zilver.
  • (1985) Gedeeld 1. gedwarsbalkt van tien stukken van goud en van keel 2. in sabel twee palen van goud. Het schild getopt met een Sint-Michiel met de draak van zilver.
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The arms were granted on July 26, 1926 and again on March 5, 1985. Previously slightly different arms, without supporter, were granted on January 14, 1902.

The Bree council first applied for arms in 1859, but this application was rejected. In 1898 the council applied for the same arms, which were then granted. The arms are based on the old seals of the city, the oldest known since 1431. The arms show the bars of the Loon County, in which the city was situated. The origin of the pales is not known.

In 1911 the council applied for the use of Archangel St. Michael as supporter, as the seals of Bree from 1425, 1676 and 1678 all showed the supporter. Similarly, it was discovered that the colours of the dexter field were wrong and should be gold and black instead of red and silver. Due to the First World War the procedure was not finished until 1926. After the mergers in 1977 it was decided to continue the old arms, as the arms of Opitter, the only other municipality bearing arms, also showed the bars of the Loon County.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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