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Wapen van Chimay/Arms (crest) of Chimay

Country : Belgium

Province :

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  • 1977 Baileux
  • 1977 Bailièvre
  • 1977 Boulers
  • 1977 Forges
  • 1977 L'Escaillière
  • 1977 Lompret
  • 1977 Rièzes
  • 1977 Robechies
  • 1977 Saint-Rémy
  • 1977 Salles
  • 1977 Vaulx
  • 1977 Villers-la-Tour
  • 1977 Virelles

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Official blazon
  • (1823) -
  • (1838) De gueules à l'épée d'argent emmanchée d'or et posée en bande la pointe en haut.
  • (1978) De gueules à l'épée d'argent emmanchée d'or et posee en bande la pointe en haut.
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The arms were granted on July 31, 1823, changed on June 30, 1838 and confirmed on May 24, 1978.

The arms show a sword, which is derived from a local legend. In 57 BC the local inhabitants, the Pleumosiens, acquired in a battle against the Roman army, the sword of Julius Cesar, and ever since the sword supposedly was the symbol of Chimay. Most likely the arms were created in the late middle ages based on this legend. The sword appeared for the first time on a seal dating from 1552. Previous seals showed the arms of the Croy family, Lords of Chimay.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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