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Wapen van Ename/Arms (crest) of Ename
The arms from 1818
Wapen van Ename/Arms (crest) of Ename
The arms from 1847

Country : Belgium

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Official blazon
  • (1818) Van lazuur, beladen met het beeld van St. Laurens van goud.
  • (1847) D'azur, au pélican ensanglanté avec sa piété d'or, posé sur un tertre de sinople; l'écu timbré d'une couronne de comte à neuf perles, surmontée d'une mitre d'abbé, contourné d'or, accompagnée de deux crosses, adossées de même.
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The arms were granted on February 10, 1847.

The pelican is derived from the arms of the Ename abbey, which owned the estate of Ename and Nederename. The abbey was founded in 1063 and existed until the late 18th century.

Previously the village received arms on August 4, 1818. These arms show the local patron saint, St. Lawrence in the blue and golden colours of Nassau, as the municipality only send a seal to the Dutch College of Arms in 1818. When no colours were known, the arms were granted in the Dutch national colours.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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