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Wapen van Evergem/Arms (crest) of Evergem

Country : Belgium

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Official blazon
  • (1817) Van goud, beladen met een ever van sabel.
  • (1923) Van goud met een stappenden ever van sabel, gewapend van zilver, het schild getopt met eene grafelijke kroon met vijftien parels.
  • (1981) Gevierendeeld 1. in goud een gaande ever van sabel met slagtanden van zilver 2. in sabel drie kronen van gebladerte van zilver 3. in lazuur een pelikaan met zijn drie jongen, alles van goud 4. in goud een leeuw van sabel, geklauwd en getongd van keel.
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The arms were first granted on December 3, 1817 and again with a crown on July 21, 1923. The current arms were granted on August 7, 1981.

The old arms show a canting boar (ever), which already appeared on the arms of the late medieval Lords of Evergem, as well as on the seals of the village from the late 16th century. The colours ar ethose of Vlaanderen. The arms were slightly changed in 1923 and a crown was added.

After the mergers in 1977 new arms were designed. The new arms show the boar in the first quarter. The second quarter represnets Ertvelde, but does not show the former Ertvelde arms. Instead the three crowns are taken from the Van Artevelde family, whose name probably was derived from the village.
The third quarter shows the old arms of Kluizen. The fourth represents Sleidinge, which did not have its own arms. It shows the lion of Vlaanderen as in late medieval times the village was a direct possession of the Counts of Vlaanderen.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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