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Wapen van Herentals/Arms (crest) of Herentals

Country : Belgium

Province :


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Official blazon
  • (1819) Van rood, beladen met een gouden boom.
  • (1841) Een rood veld met eenen zilveren boom met dry wortels en takken zonder getal, afhangende, ook van zilver.
  • (1989) In keel een uitgerukte boom van zilver.
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The arms were granted on October 6, 1819. The colour of the tree was changed on January 9, 1841 and the arms were confirmed on May 9, 1989.

Herentals' coat of arms has always featured a tree. Historians are not in agreement about the origin of the tree, which took various shapes throughout the centuries. A picture of the arms with the historically correct colours (red and white) first appears about 1536. Why in 1819 the arms were granted with a golden tree is not known. This was corrected in 1841.

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Literature: Anonymous : Van evers en heiligen - wapens en vlaggen van de gemeenten in de provincie Antwerpen. Antwerpen, 1998. Information provided by the municipality of Herentals.

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