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Province : Liège
Additions : 1977 Ben-Ahin, Tihange

Armoiries de Huy (Belgium)

Official blazon

  • (1819) Van goud beladen met een klimmenden zwarte leeuw met roode kroon, tong en nagels. Verzeld in de regterbovenhoek van de letter H.
  • (1980) De gueules au château-fort d'or, ouvert d'azur, formé d'un quadrilatère de murailles, vu en perspective, muni à chacun des trois angles visibles d'une tour ronde à toit conique sommé d'une girouette, celle de dextre contournée, la tour du centre à deux étages, ouverte d'azur et accostée de lettres en majuscules H et V d'or. Le château posé sur une terrasse de sinople.


The arms were officially granted on May 16, 1960.

Huy belonged to the State of Liège and thus used a variation of the arms of Liège in its oldest seals, known from the late 12th century. The seal showed the perron (monument) of Liège flanked by two fleur-de-lis. In the mid 13th century the fleur-de-lis were replaced by two dogs.

In the 15th century the seals showed a castle with three towers and a banner on each tower. This castle remained on the seals until the late 18th century. The council applied for those arms in 1813, but were granted totally different arms on September 28, 1819, a lion with the letter H, see below.


The arms show the lion of Namur, differentiated with the letter H for the town. These were the arms of Dhuy in Namur, which were erroneously granted to Huy. In 1838 Dhuy was granted the same arms. Officially the arms of Huy and Dhuy were thus identical from 1838-1977 when the Dhuy municipality was abolished. Huy, however, never used the arms.

Only after the merger in 1977 Huy reveived its historical arms.


The arms on a special cover
Wapen van/Blason de Huy (Belgium)

The arms on a police badge (source)
Coat of arms (crest) of Huy (Belgium)

The arms on the old post office in Liège
(image Derek Howard)

Literature: Servais, 1955

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